Using OpenRoads Designer for Production

OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition was announced by Bentley in November 2016. I'm trying to get a sense of how mature the product is for production use. I've been doing extensive research and will be moving into more rigorous testing to assess if the software can be used on full scale projects as the main design platform.

  • I would not use it on a final design - preliminary maybe - still to many bugs in earthwork annotations and utilities for a final design


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  • It isn't perfect by any stretch, and we've submitted a lot of SR's, but there has not to date been something that we've had to do outside of CONNECT. We've got ways of pushing data back to v8i if we have to but are idealogically leaving it as a last resort. As I've posted in other threads, we've been in production mode for about 15 months using ProjectWise and have been updating things as we need to. Having Civil Standards sync to the DGNLIB will help. At this point, everyone sees the modelling benefits to deal with the bumps in the transition process, but the same would not have been said 8 months ago. Our MicroStation-only users have handled it pretty well once we solved some data transfer issues.

  • I agree with Dan S, it's not ready yet for final design or large plan set production yet.  We're using the program on a preliminary design system interchange project and the "design" part of the program is works well, but the plan production part of the program is pretty buggy.  The "dynamic" annotation tools are pretty bad and really don't work well in real-world scenarios.  Not sure if Bentley vetted ORD for real-world projects with short schedules and users of various skill sets.

  • The "dynamic" annotation tools are pretty bad

    That's really pretty bad, since many  years we're waiting for this kind of feature



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  • Is everyone using the latest Release? We've been using ORD for a major infrastructure project for the last year and apart for some bugs slipping their way through, like the mesh/linear element duplication issue and some profile issues, we're quite happy with it. Our biggest issue has been DWG exports, but this is a format we wish we weren't using anyway.

    Definitely a complete rethink on how you deliver your projects and a lot of pre-planning and setup, but my biggest gripe is with performance for large projects with many many reference files, especially when creating Cross Sections.



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