Level Management in Profile View and in Drawing Models


My first question is regarding level management for profiles referenced into a container file. I’m using a container file to store all of referenced design files and then creating separate dgn’s for each plan sheet and profile sheet. I’ve created all of the plan sheets without any issues and have level managed within the container file’s plan view to display the desired levels in each plan sheet. I’ve also created all of my profile sheets, but am having trouble getting the profile level management in the container file to save and display correctly in the drawing model and consequently in the sheet model as well. I figured out that if I set the type of display to Global rather than View in the container file, I’m able to level manage within each alignment profile and this management will be saved as I switch from profile to profile. The drawing and sheet models do display this level management correctly when I set the display overrides to Never, but is this the correct way to level manage the profiles within my container file? Why do I have to switch from View Display to Global Display in order for ORD to remember what levels I turned off for each profile? I did not have to do this for the plan sheets, I kept the display type set to View Display, level managed in the container file, and it showed up just fine in the drawing/sheet models.

My second question is about profile drawing/sheet models level management. Each of my sheet models are referencing their corresponding drawing models with live nesting and display overrides set to Never. To my understanding, this should allow for all of the level management to be conducted in the drawing model which will then display exactly the same in the sheet model. But when I have my display type set to View Display and I turn off a level in the drawing model, it won’t carry over to the sheet model. I can set the display type to Global Display in the drawing model and levels that are turned off in that model will be off in the sheet model, but I feel like this isn’t correct as the sheet model is referencing the drawing model so all levels displayed or not displayed in the drawing model should be the same in the sheet model. Furthermore, whenever I turn off level Default in the drawing model then switch to the sheet model and then back to the drawing model, it doesn’t retain that I turned it off. I hit Save Settings multiple times before I switch models, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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