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OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition 2020 Release 2

We are happy to announce that OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer, and OpenSite Designer 2002 R2 ( have been released, and are now available for download.

Below is a list of "What's New" in this release.  Please see the readme for more information.

As a reminder, since this is an update of the Release, data and files will be forward and backward compatible between the two versions.

If you have any questions, please create a new post here.

What's New?

This section provides a list of new features in Bentley OpenSite, OpenRoads, and OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition products, also referred to as OpenX Designer products. Features that are only available in specific products are appropriately noted as such.

The following summarizes the new features and enhancements in 2020 Release 2.


  • Enhanced the file opening behavior to prompt user if the dgn needs to be upgraded from an earlier version of software or from a different product such as OpenRoads to OpenRail. Previously the dgn was automatically upgraded from earlier versions of software without prompting. If the option to upgrade is accepted, a backup of the original file is created in the file's directory. The prompting can be hidden, and files automatically upgraded or automatically opened read only the configuration variables CIVIL_UPGRADE_PROMPT_OFF and CIVIL_OPEN_OLD_READONLY.
  • Enhanced the Training-Imperial and Training-Metric WorkSets to look for civil cells in the same folder as the active dgn.
  • Enhanced the t-intersection civil cells with a new clipping reference and naming convention.
  • Fixed the Viewset mvba to not crash in certain situation.
  • Added a new configuration variable CIVIL_ROADWAY_TEMPLATE_LIBRARY_SAVEAS to define the default folder for the Template Library Save-As command. If this variable is not defined, the Save-As command defaults to the location defined by the CIVIL_ROADWAY_TEMPLATE_LIBRARY variable.
  • Added a new configuration variable CIVIL_SURVEY_PHOTOS_FOLDER to define the path where images files are located for a survey fieldbook.
  • Fixed the Asset Manager and Materials files in example Metric Workspace to use metric units.
  • Fixed the Drawing Workflow ribbon menu to match MicroStation. This fixes an issue with customizations to this Drawing Workflow appearing in MicroStation but not in OpenX products.
  • Fixed an issue with some expressions not being imported correctly from Asset Manager spreadsheets.
  • Enhanced the Asset Manager tool with the ability to report station and offset of 3D mesh elements.
  • Fixed the Quick Properties to maintain changes for level, color, line style, and weight.


  • Added the ability to change the Combined Scale Factor options before import.
  • Added a warning when changing the Combined Scale Factor options after import.
  • Added the ability to zoom to the location of the element by double click the message in the Survey Details > Message Center.
  • Enhanced the Explorer tree to display missing features in bold red text.
  • Enhanced the best match functionality to find matches sooner reading the survey code from right to left.
  • Added the Move Point Along and Insert Point tools back to the context menu.


  • Enhanced the Horizontal and Vertical Table editor to display Design Speed when a Design Standard is assigned.
  • Fixed an issue using tangent snap for second point when constructing geometry line.
  • Fixed the 2 Center Arc and 3 Center Arc tools to compute proper geometry. Previously if back or ahead transitions existed and the Method was set to Offset, the offset value was incorrectly being doubled.
  • Fixed error when placing a vertical curve between projected profile elements.
  • Fixed error while manipulating vertical geometry with graphical handles.
  • Fixed Civil AccuDraw dialog to display correct station values. Previously the distance along the geometry, not the stations, were displayed.
  • Enhanced Civil AccuDraw to allow regions to be entered in the station field if station equation format is set to "by index".
  • Fixed issues with the view decorators being incorrect when tracking in Profile View.
  • Enhanced Geometry Builder Report to show the area even if the plat does not close.
  • Fixed the Geometry Map Check report to show the precision value of the parcel as a ratio.
  • Fixed the Report Format Options to property display Azimuth From South directions.
  • Enhanced the Geometry Builder tool to support chord length curve input.
  • Fixed Analyze Point and Element Annotation in Plan to display correct stations when using chord definition in a metric file.
  • Fixed issue with Geometry Connector and Geometry Builder Edit that caused a crash when initial element was in a reference file.
  • Fixed the Geometry Analyze Point tool to correctly track in the profile view when using chord definitions.
  • Fixed Modify Points to rotate points in both the 2D and 3D models.


  • Added ability to drop multiple terrain models using a selection set.
  • Added a new Calculate Area tool which shows planar and slope area of a terrain.
  • Enhanced the Report Crossing Features and Report Conflicting Points tools with the ability to draw a graphic element in the current DGN file at the crossing/conflicting point.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to another DGN file that uses a different WorkSet when the Analyze Elevation command and the Project Explorer are open.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new filter group in Graphical Filter Manager.
  • Added a new technology preview tool to import topo from the ESRI World Elevation Terrain service. This service requires an ESRI account. (OpenSite-Technology Preview)


  • Fixed the Template Library to properly save modifications to Horizontal Feature Constraints.
  • Enhanced the Templates Library dialog with several UI improvements: the ‘Apply…’ tool dialogs are resizable, added the ability to close Feature Definition pull down by left clicking in the white space, and enlarged Feature Definition pull down for points and components.
  • Fixed an issue in processing large corridors with Project Explorer open.
  • Fixed an issue where superelevation calculation was not using the correct length from Speed Tables in some situations when the Interpolate Tables option was disabled.
  • Fixed superelevation calculations when compound curves are used.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting tables while using the Edit Superelevation Rules tool.
  • Fixed an issue with the Custom volume option when set to split. It was incorrectly including the remove and replace with general cut; thus the value was double calculated.
  • Enhanced the Custom volume option with a property that defines if it will be included or excluded from mass ordinate.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Create Cut Fill tool to not compute beginning/ending sections on specific data sets.
  • Optimized the Create Cut Fill tool to handle terrains containing over 10 million triangles.
  • Enhanced the End Area Volume reports to include Balance Point stations.
  • Fixed issues with Dynamic Cross Sections that were causing a crash with some workflows.

Drawing Production and Annotation

  • Fixed issue with Plan named boundary overlap computation values not being read correctly from sheet seed dgnlibs when using sheet overlaps.
  • Fixed issue where dgnlibs that contained Annotation Definitions that used In Vertical Component were incorrectly interpreted as Event Point List for Location.
  • Fixed issue where turnout points were not annotated with the Annotate Element tool.
  • Added capability to define a text favorite to place the horizontal alignment name in profile drawing models.
  • Fixed the Civil Feature Description text field. Previously this text field returned a blank, not the description.
  • Fixed an issue with Display Overrides causing a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the left and right side options were not placing the annotation at the edge of the border when using a text favorite.
  • Fixed a crash when panning the view while running Adjust Profile Named Boundary tool.
  • Fixed an issue causing existing ground strip grades to be annotated incorrectly when the vertical geometry begins at a different station than the horizontal geometry
  • Fixed the annotation manager preview window to show the correct values for offsets and elevations.
  • Fixed modifying levels of a 3D Cut in profile where off by element or level display can be used in conjunction with Refresh 3D Cut.
  • Fixed a crash when opening profile model after removing and creating sheets.
  • Enhanced the Annotate Model tool to annotate the proposed profile all drawing models.
  • Fixed an issue with profile drawing models so they no longer reannotate on entry when the geometry is in reference file.
  • Added a new capability to draw cross sections looking down station ‘backward facing’ as opposed to the default looking up station.

Drainage and Utilities

  • Added support for OpenFlows Tap and Property Connection types in the Structure Type property of a node feature definition.
  • Fixed several issues with manipulators for nodes and conduits in a profile model. Note that the Set Invert to Start / Stop properties on a conduit, if set to True, will cause the related invert manipulator to be read-only. Also, the File > Settings > User > Preferences > View Options – Civil > dialog now includes an option to “Show OpenFlows Calculated Slope, in the Drainage and Utilities category. This will cause the conduit slope manipulator to use the OpenFlows slope, which is measured using the center to center length of the conduit, instead of the exact (i.e. clipped) length. Note that the OpenFlows slope is a read-only value.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a delineated catchment, if the catchment is connected to a node and the node is deleted before the conduit.
  • Fixed an issue loading data when a link does not have a start and / or stop node.
  • Added a new dialog that displays the links with missing nodes in each database and allows you to delete some, or all, of the links. The key in for this is SUBSURFACE OPENLINKSMISSINGNODESDIALOG.
  • Added the ability to use the local design constraint for a conduit, instead of the default design constraint. This lets you override default values such as the depth of cover, minimum velocity, etc., which can be helpful if the conduit is modelling an open section such as a ditch.
  • Enhanced the catchment acreage to update when the catchment area is modified.
  • Fixed the Update Standards from dgnlib tool to correctly synchronize drainage and utilities standards. This means that the properties for a prototype and associated catalog that are used by a feature definition in the DGN will be updated from the dgnliib.