OpenRoads - Horizontal Geometry Report - selecting more that one alignment

I am using the Horizontal Geometry report  to generate a report of all my property parcels but I can only select one parcel at a time which is tedious and time consuming.   Does anyone know if there's a way to select all the parcels at once?   I've tried creating a selection set but it doesn't recognize it.

Thank you, Corey

  • The Enhancement Request for this is 1041015 and was requested by myself and at least one other person (I last asked about it August of last year). While not parcel's, we have 65ish alignments and I occasionally have the need to run a geometry report on all of them. A selection set is useful, because I can click on them in order once, add them to the selection set, and then (hopefully) they'd print in the same order every time.

    Answer Verified By: Corey Baird