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How to separate out Plan and Profile Sheets into separate files?

I currently am working on a project that requires 50 plan and profile sheets. Instead of having all the sheets and models in one file, say GP001. I would like to have one per file, say GP001, GP002, etc. How do I get open roads to set this up?

  • I don't think you can, but if it is possible, I'll be watching your thread to see how it's done.

    This is one of those options that should be allowed, so that the work can be spread around to more people.

    One of the workarounds may be to break your project into a number of separate corridors. The way ORD leverages reference files makes designing that way pretty easy. Each corridor would then have fewer plan/profile sheets each, so that you would have (for example) 5 files of 10 sheets instead of one file of 50. It's not quite the same, but it gets you closer.


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  • It is a feature added in one of the newest versions. you might read the online help to see what version added it and how it is done. However, sometimes the help follows a number of steps behind the releases. But the what's new portion is usually current.

    Unfortunately, present circumstances has pulled us off our ORD development, so testing of new features is not occurring for the time being.

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