SU Cell Annotation Not Updating issue


I am having an issue with a Text Favorite updating within an SU Annotation. In short, the favorite is assigned to the feature name which in turn is the Drainage Structure Number. The text favorite within the cell updates for both a "Place Label" scenario using only a Text Favorite (white annotations as shown in the image) and also a "Place Label" scenario when using the annotation cell. However, the Text Favorite will NOT update with automatic annotation when I annotate the model (blue "bubble" annotations; and yes, the cell is placed within the annotation group for these particular inlets as shown in the attached image. The cell "bubble" places as is shown in the image, but it does not update the structure number. One can also see from the image that the text favorite does indeed work.

Could someone PLEASE let me know what is going on here? This issue is driving me crazy as I have tested just about every possibility as to why it is not updating automatically!

ORD 2020 R2



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