OpenRoads Civil Point visibility on Profile view


I was wondering - has anyone came up on how to show (horizontal) geometry points with elevation on geometry profile view?

OpenRoads gives us possibility to place points via geometry->horizontal->Point.

Those points have Feature definiton, elevation and rotation defined.

Point's feature definition uses Point feature symbology which clearly gives us possibility to show point differently in Plan, Profile and 3D view:

When point has defined Plan symbology as a cell - that cell shows on plan view when point is placed - it works okay.

When that point also has defined 3D symbology as a cell and has set elevation - that cell shows on 3D view - it also works okay.

It also has different annotation groups for Plan and Profile points.

My point also has defined Profile symbology as a cell - I would expect to see that cell on my profile view...

But I've been trying to show that point on geometry profile and I simply have no idea how to achieve that.

3D cut works only with 3D cell defined - but in my situation I do not need to show that feature in my 3D model - I just need my Profile cell shown on profile view.

Is this even possible or Bentley gives us another feature which is not completely functional (I wouldn't be surprised)?

In this particular situation I want to show road exits on profile view with placing auxiliary points on plan view in places of those exits. Elevation should be inherited from alignment profile.

Or maybe there is another way of marking exits automatically on profiles?

I'd be glad for any help or suggestions.



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