How to stop annotation text from updating?

I am using OpenRoads Designer Connect edition and am attempting to create some plan-profile sheets. I used the named boundary tool to create plan and profile drawing models and then utilized "model annotation" to annotate the alignment and profile, however I then need to drag some labels around to remove conflict as well as edit some of the labels to remove part of the label that the client does not want on the sheets. It seems pretty random but the annotations will reset to the original position and contain all of the original information (undo my deletions).  How can I stop this from happening?

I have tried setting the update fields automatically to false, however this caused my stationing on the alignment to start at 0+00, instead of the 50+00 that it is set to, and did not always keep it from happening.

I also tried dropping the cells several times so as to loose the smart features they contain, however several of the multi line annotations break down into unusable pieces.

Please help as this is incredibly frustrating.

  • I am having the same problem.  I have a large project will 50 profile sheets and counting. 

    This is a BIG DEAL. 

    I have vertical curve text that needs to be moved and I have a text on top of text in some areas.  The way I am reading the posts.  With no way to move or remove text I have to manually go through 50 sheets and type in all the vertical data.   Then when things change I have to do it again. Plus, now I have to consider typos may occur in manually editing the alignments.   

    I am at a loss of words right know.  The only thing I am thinking is "Why am I using this beta version of software to do plan production on a multi million dollar project?" 

    Why has this not been fixed by now?   In my opinion this is an unacceptable problem,  this is going to cause folks a tremendous amount of time and money.

    Long Live InRoads SS10  (SS4) !!


    Zane Pratt

    Civil Designer

  • Hello Zane!

    I thought I had a work around, but that's not working either. What I've resulted to is copying and pasting the curve annotation to a different level, and then shutting off the levels that keep re-annotating.

    I agree, this is a huge issue!

  • Sorry man,  that sounds like a lot of work.  

    I have been staring at my screen with a dazed look.   What can I do?  I have another 30 or so profile sheets to cut .  I may have a total of 80 profile sheets I can't edit, move or delete the text in.  OMG

    I am going to start testing some things, I will let you know if find out anything.


    Zane Pratt

    Civil Designer

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