[ORD] Sight Visibility - reports' number accuracy


I was wondering - Is the user capable of changing sight visibility reports' numerical accuracy? Also - does anyone notice situations where ORD showed Achieved sight visibility for lines that are actually shorter than requied?

Currently all the results we are getting have 5 decimal digits - this causes inconsistency of results - see attached picture:

1st line shows us sight distance achieved as 59.99735 - which didn't pass the test of 60 meters.

2nd line - 59.99965 - which surprisingly PASSED the test of 60 meters

3rd line - 59.99807 - which didn't pass.

That situation brings up 2 problems:

  • HOW software compares numbers (differences <0.001 DO pass),
  • The user seem uncapable of changing accuracy of calculations - currently software calculates it with accuracy of 10 μm which seems irrational.

Difference between those three are less than 3 mm - this is (in my opinion of course) irrevelant. Accuracy of μm seems unreasonable for me - centimeters should be sufficent for those calculations - and if those numbers were rounded to centimeters all of those 3 lines would pass - without a doubt.

Can anyone tell me is there a possibility to change those accuracy settings? I mean - only sight visiblity line settings. I can change all the number settings by changing file's accuracy to e.g. 0.123 instead of 0.12345 (which actually changes also the tables' accuracy) but thats not the point for us - we need to keep 5 digit accuracy for our desings.

I've looked into XMLs and XSDs and its not there, Inroads schema is not helping. XSL config of accuracy helps only in reports with rounding the numbers but lines still are treated as Acheived/Not achieved.

ORD: (2020R2U8)



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