ORD 2020 R3


I wonder when the next ORD update is to be released? I guess it will run on Microstation CE update 14, won't it?

Is there any official schedule for releasing software?



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  • I assume the DGN format itself doesn't change, but the civil data itself does?

    Yes, it's right. DGN V8 format is still the same ... even when it's probably true in fact. I am quite sure the format itself has evolved between V8i and CE, but they are internal changes not breaking compatibility.

    What changed is "civil schema(s)", which is a mechanism how OpenRoads Designer work with data stored in DGN file. Every civil feature is internally represented by geometry and addition data, and this structure is defined by particular EC schema.

    When new version of EC schema is implemented, it breaks backward compatibility, because older ORD version does not contain this updated version and even when it will, it will likely not understand the changes.

    Is there a file somewhere that documents these changes, so users can be aware as the upgrade to ORD and/or receive files? 

    I am not daily ORD user, but I am not aware of any such documentation. Even in What's new section there is no information that backward compatibility breaking changes were introduced, which I think is a huge fail.

    ORD itself (at least current ORD 2020 R3) offers schema upgrade when older DGN is opened and there is Technology Preview of "schema downgrade" tool.

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