Pipe snap to node center & 3D conduit cut to node wall


is it possible to snap conduit to center of node and have 3D conduit visualization cut to node wall? 

I am working on OpenRoads Release 2 Update 8 -

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  • Yes, in  the last version 10.11, the pipe is trimmed by the intersection with the region on the edge, while we can snap the end of pipe to the center of node.
    Now I have 2 regions in the circular node. One small one in the middle (a point works for me) and one circular one on the edge (Primitiv Surface Cylinder). If I snap the end of the pipe in the node center, it gets clipped by the edge. In doing so, the pipe holds the XY end of the pipe even when the node is rotated. When a pipe is connected to an edge, it is clipped by that edge, but when the node is rotated, the XY pipe also changes.

    As Mark writes bellow, we need to check that the correct length value will be annotated. We need to report and annotate center-to-center 2D  lengths in our projects, but to trim at the edge.


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