[ORD 2020R3] Was There a Configuration Change With This Release?

After updating my ORD, my Configuration is screwed up.

  1. If the Prefered method of setting up a custom configuration is editing C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration\WorkSpaceSetup.cfg, why does an update overwrite this file?
  2. When I restore the contents using what was working in 2020R2, my Custom Configuration list, which used to list my network configurations now lists a duplication of my local configurations.

What changed? 

  • Hey Chuck:  Somehow, somewhere, someone started the idea that it was "preferred" to edit the CFG file at C:\ProgramData.  Whomever started this trend ought to be lashed a little.  Editing this CFG is a horrendous idea from an administrative perspective.  Unfortunately, yours is not the only agency who has fallen into this abyss.

    Here's a better idea:

    1. Create a custom startup icon for ORD (copy the installed one is easiest)
    2. Edit the properties of the shortcut to the a configuration switch which bypasses the installed workspace setup cfg
    3. example in our world is "-wc"V:\BentleyRSC\ORD\VM_ORDstartup.cfg""

    This CFG will then include the lines that would have been edited in WorkspaceSetup.cfg, plus a large handful of other variables that you are otherwise bypassing by such a startup switch.   My startup CFG is 23 lines long of actual configuration plus generous comment lines.

    Robert Garrett

  • I agree with Robert.

    The startup icon is great if you're dealing with multiple configurations for multiple clients like I am, but doesn't allow for users to double click on a dgn file in explorer and open the correct WorkSpace.

    In your case I doubt you're dealing with multiple client configurations so I would place a single startup configuration file in the C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\OpenRoadsDesigner\config\system folder. Any .cfg file in that folder will be read by ORD no matter how it is launched.

    This startup config file is only three lines long (without comments). All it does is test for the existence of the starting configuration file on the network and include it if found. In the included networked configuration file I define the _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION and CIVIL_ORGANIZATION_ROOT variables and lock them so they don't get changed by the Bentley provided configs loaded later on in the starting sequence.

    I set it up this way so that the IT staff only has to copy in that three line config file as part of the install process. If you want to make any changes you only have to update the single network config file. You don't have to have IT push out any updates. I define the _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION through my custom configuration file as early on when working in CONNECT I had quite a few problems similar to what you are experiencing. This seems to eliminate those as well.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst