[ORD 2020 R3] DGNLIBS - Can a current version DGNLIB be used with Earlier Versions?

Can I edit a DGNLIB in the subject version (2020 R3), that is on our networked workspace and will my users who are still running an earlier version be able to access the Feature Definitions and other library items from within their sessions?

  • No your users will not be able to access it.  UNLESS you down grade the file to R2 after you edit it.  you can do this with the Civil File Manager  which came with R3.

    C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\OpenRoadsDesigner\CivilFileManager.exe

    It is suggested that if the file to be converted needs to be in its original location that it should be moved first to another folder as the DownGrade’d file cannot be saved to the same location.

    File > Open     select the file\folder\ or Folder + sub-Folders you want to view and convert. View > update contents shows the file information.  Select the file then Action > DownGrade Civil Model.  Select the Folder for the down graded file to be put into.


  • This is all a versioning nightmare.


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