OpenRoads Designer 2020 Release 3 - Sheet Index Problems

I am trying to work through what appears to be a bug in the Sheet Index.  I set up the index with various folders so I could have series of sheet numbers such as C1.x, C2.x, etc. as shown in this screen shot.

This method works well for sheet numbering and I thought it would be a good way of tracking "sheet #" of "total sheets".  The problem I'm having is that the sequence number of the models do not seem to be updating so the "sheet #" isn't updating correctly when I add or remove sheets.  For instance, the sheet index shows sheet C3.1 to have a sequence number of "5".  The "Place Sheet Index as Table" tool also shows a sequence number of "5" for the same sheet.

But the "Sheet #" on the actual page shows an incorrect sequence number of "3".

I did notice that even though the sheet index shows a sequence number of "5" the model properties show a sequence number of "3".

Is there a way to update the Model sequence number so it matches the sheet index sequence number?

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