Geopak's exception.log file is missing and unable to set .prj file

Hello all,

My first problem is that Geopak is crashing whenever I try to set up a new .prj file in the Project Manager (it throws up the error in the screenshot below).  And my subsequent problem which is related to this is that I am unable to find the exception.log file that an error message references.

For some context: I am trying to use Power GEOPAK v8i (SS10) v. for the first time, and I'm trying to go to the Geopak menu, select the project category I'm in, then select "Project Manager" and then in the Project Manager select "projects" at the top and select to cre ate a new project, and once that input window comes up, as I select my project name, working directory, and job number, it fails with the following message:

But when I navigate to the specified folder it claims the log will be in, there is no exception.log file in that folder, so I am not even able to begin troubleshooting this issue by reading the log.  I do have my Windows File Explorer settings set so that I can view all hidden folders, etc.  

My OS: Windows 10 home.  Basic hardware: intel i7 2.60 GHz cpu, 16 gb ram, nvidia RTX 2070.

My network: I am connecting directly to a prime's projectiwise datasource and getting the files from there without any VPN or file server.

I am not using any 3rd party apps or macros.

The problem appears to happen with all files that I try to set this setting on.

Thank you!

  • There could be a few things going on. Do you have the ProjectWise permissions to create a file in the location you want to place it?

    It's always worth deleting the Geopak Resource files, per this Wiki article. over time, those can cause all sorts of weirdness.


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  • Thank you for the response, Mary! 

    I did verify that I have the rights to create a file in that location.

    And I did then proceed to follow those instructions for deleting the .rsc files in the specified location.  I also verified that there were no .rsc files anywhere else other than the proper folder they should be in.  But after deleting those files, then closing and reopening PowerGeopak, the same behavior persisted. 

    I also checked again in the folder the exception.log should be placed - and it remains missing.

    Do you happen to have any other thoughts on the matter?  And, is there value to the tactic of just uninstalling and reinstalling this whole program?

  • This may not be related, but it came up with a coworker today...Are you starting Geopak from your desk shortcut, or are you going through the ProjectWise Client, and opening your file with Power Geopak from there? I have seen unpredicatable behavior when files in a ProjectWise environment are opened from the regular desktop shortcut. Certain permissions and environment variables don't get set correctly if not set by the ProjectWise Client app.

    This may have nothing to do with it, but it's worth checking.

    Can you open project files that already exist? Is it just trying to create the new project?


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  • Luckily, an experience colleague warned me about trying to open any CAD program from the desktop, so I am not making that particular mistake!  

    As for your second question, perhaps I'm a bit lost. It is my understanding that I am trying to set a new local .prj file for my own Geopak to help it point to the proper working directory and job number that are set up already in the prime's projectwise environment.  I do not know of any other existing .prj files I could import and try to open.  

    Another piece of information that might be useful is that if I try to just work in the .dgn file itself, I don't seem to get any crashes.  So far the error only occurs when trying to set the working directory and job number in project manager.

  • Erin, just in case you're still dealing with this problem a year later, there's a draft green book out from 10 years ago that says GPK files are the only ones not integrated into the projectwise environment.  The best guidance is to store the GPK on a local server or machine.

    You can read the full article here. GreenBook - GEOPAK in a ProjectWise Environment - Content Management Files - Content Management - Bentley Communities

    This was a severe oversight on Bentley's part when creating ProjectWise.  I'm personally stumped as to why they were able to make .alg files in InRoads work perfectly for multiple users on ProjectWise but they couldn't make GPK files work on ProjectWise.

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