Geopak's exception.log file is missing and unable to set .prj file

Hello all,

My first problem is that Geopak is crashing whenever I try to set up a new .prj file in the Project Manager (it throws up the error in the screenshot below).  And my subsequent problem which is related to this is that I am unable to find the exception.log file that an error message references.

For some context: I am trying to use Power GEOPAK v8i (SS10) v. for the first time, and I'm trying to go to the Geopak menu, select the project category I'm in, then select "Project Manager" and then in the Project Manager select "projects" at the top and select to cre ate a new project, and once that input window comes up, as I select my project name, working directory, and job number, it fails with the following message:

But when I navigate to the specified folder it claims the log will be in, there is no exception.log file in that folder, so I am not even able to begin troubleshooting this issue by reading the log.  I do have my Windows File Explorer settings set so that I can view all hidden folders, etc.  

My OS: Windows 10 home.  Basic hardware: intel i7 2.60 GHz cpu, 16 gb ram, nvidia RTX 2070.

My network: I am connecting directly to a prime's projectiwise datasource and getting the files from there without any VPN or file server.

I am not using any 3rd party apps or macros.

The problem appears to happen with all files that I try to set this setting on.

Thank you!