Feature Definitions of template components/points will not synchronize with Synchronize Template tool


using ORD 10.09... tested with previous release 10.08...

in the early stage of a design we prepared number of templates. Now design is almost 100% done and CAD/BIM requirements were changed. We updated and created Feature Definitions for both template points and components. Then in our ITL file we updated components/points accordingly to meet new standards for cad definition but also Volume options and so on. 

This is the site project with a number of linear templates, number of surface templates and few corridors. Noe my nightmare begins:

1) even when linear/surface/corridor templates are synchronized with libraries the new or changed feature definitions are not updated in the 3D model.  Processing corridors will not help.

2) From the Explorer - Process All Objects - looks to help with random linear templates or surface templates

3) The only way to get FD synchronized is to open every single template drop do dummy edit and apply.

4) No option to do a global template synchronization for corridor/linear/surface templates

5) I have no clue which templates I have already synchronized manually and which are still to be updated /Inroads SS2 - higligted outdated templates with red for corridors at least.)

6) to workaround bullet 5 I wanted to create display rules that highlights elements with specified Feature Definition Name - I have a list of old Feature Definition Names that are not valid anymore.

I guess I missed something. And possibly there is a way to do template update in more organized way. However I am really concerned that FD are not updated with template synchronization and manuall edit of templates are needed.

I will really appreciate your help here. I will also log SR but from my experience we get better support from peers here.


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