Cross Sections in OpenRoads Designer - How to extract co-ordinates of Section Cut Graphics

We've migrated from MX to OpenRoads Designer and it seems we are in the same boat as many former MX users whereby the process to generate cross-sections in ORD is long and frustrating compared to MX. A cross-section run to produce annotated cross-sections at 10m intervals for a 10km stretch of road is taking close to a day (6-8 hours) when in MX it used to be a few minutes. Further to this, the resulting DGN is massive (700Mb), which is another problem for another post.

What I'd like to find out is if anyone knows how to access or extract the geometry information of the sections that have been cut? The element type is "Section Cut Graphics" which we can snap to and Microstation returns co-ordinates for (in the message center or AccuDraw read-out), essentially giving you an offset-elevation pair - but I can't seem to export the co-ordinates out?

We've tried different ways to export the cross-sections (merging files, clip masking, saving as, etc.) but they all take way too long, there must be a better/quicker way? We also have some CAD clean-ups/post-processing to do on the cross sections, hence our need to be able to manipulate them. My thinking is that even though these sections are dynamically cut through the 3D models (using Named Boundaries), in the cross-sectional view they are simply 2D linestrings or shapes depicting the component at each particular section - if we could find a way to access each sectioned component's XY information as displayed in the section model, it could be re-drawn as a simple but static CAD element.

Does anybody have any ideas how to do this using standard Microstation tools, or alternatively through VBA?

ORD 2020 R3 version

PowerDraft SS10



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