Place Civil Label with "Leader"

Working with OpenRoads release 13.  The "Place Civil Label" label seems to have the (some) ability to use a MicroStation Dimension style to set the properties of the label.  But it only follows a limited portion of the dimension style settings. 

Dimension Style Levels are not being used by Place Civil Label, and dimension with leader uses only a "one segment" leader with no ability to add "In-Line Leader" or "Text Frame" options.  The Place Civil Label" with leader only adds an awkward looking one vertex leader from the object to the text. 

If you edit the dimension style and save it, then click yes to propagate the changes to the dimensions using that style, then leader level changes, and sometimes the text justification changes but not in a way that follows the dimension style settings.

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  • The entire concept of ORD is based on the premise that we label in the drawing model, which has a reference attachment that is already rotated to "flat", in preparation to be scaled and moved onto a static sheet border. While there might be something to be said for this approach, there are plenty of us who do our work a different way. And No, the tools haven't been developed to work any other way than "the Bentley Way".

    There are several areas where ORD offers little flexibility for those of us who have long-established workflows or specific deliverable requirements.


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