Utility -> Change shape of conduit

I use OpenRoads CE 2020 R2.

I have a conduit with a circular shape. I can adjust the diameter of this shape without any problem.

If I change the shape to a box and ajust the parameters, the shape is still a circle. How can I get the box instead of a circle?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately the same behaviour is in version 2020 R3.
    When I change Size in tab Drainage> Physical category by Catalog Class then is changed a Section Type, but in this category only, not in drawing, not in tab Utilities.

    It seems the properties are not synchronized with drawing and between other tables in project.

  • Gunther, I would confirm that the setting in the catalog you choose is set to a box shape (I presume it is given the sizes listed, but can't be certain). If that is set, you may be seeing something similar to an open defect I have encountered in the 3D model not respecting user defined settings.

    Defect 1098019:[Subsurface] Wrong conduit shape is drawn in the 3D model


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