GDOT OpenRoads Designer Workspace Setup

Hi everyone.  I am brand new to this community, so forgive me if my question is better suited for another community.  I work for a consultant in Atlanta and most of our projects are GDOT projects.  GDOT recently made the switch from InRoads to OpenRoads Designer Connect and are requiring that all new projects be done in OpenRoads Designer Connect.  Up to this point, we have been working in InRoads V8i, but we recently started a GDOT project that must conform to GDOT's OpenRoads Standards / Guidelines.  I have used ORD before and am familiar with openroads technology, but it was on a project that already had the workspace and files setup.  

Currently GDOT has no learning material for the software and how they want things done (workspace setup, file separation, etc). This will be our office's first OpenRoads Designer GDOT project and I have been tasked with installing ORD on everyone's computer and setting up the workspace/files on the server.  I would like to setup the GDOT ORD workspace on our server and have everyone pull from the workspace from that.  Have any of you done any GDOT projects in OpenRoads Designer?  If so, do you have any tips/suggestions for me (us) on how to start out the correct way?  For example, how do you separate your design components in different DGN files?  Do you have separate files for proposed geometry, corridors, superelevation lines, etc?  Thanks in advance.

Jake Mitchell