Microsoft .NET Framework Error

Good morning,

I am trying to runt he Import Geometry tool and as soon as I click it, my laptop dock seems like it flickers off/on. Enough to make my screens go black and then it starts making the sounds like thing got unplugged and then plugged back in. Once the screens come back up and I select the .ALG file I wish to import, I get a Microsoft .NET Framework error indicating Illegal characters in path. I have copied the details of the error to the text file attached. I am able to click continue to move along with the import. When I click the feature definition drop-down, I get another error (same illegal characters error). It won't let me select a feature definition here, so I just import without one and seems to import ok. Once it is imported, the alignment does have the feature definition assigned though.

Any ideas on what would be causing the .NET issue?



ORD Error.txt

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