ORD - Change Workspace Working Units?


With the upcoming deprecation of the U.S. Survey Foot, I am thinking this is a question that may be asked quite a few times. But I actually have need to ask it now. 

My question is: I have an ORD Workspace in Survey Feet. I want to convert it to be International Feet, but otherwise be identical. 
I know the seed files would need to be modified, and the units.def file also. Is there anything else that would need to be changed? 
Cells and Civil Cells would technically need to change, but since they have local origins? There will be a difference but one so small it won't be noticed (it's not like going from feet to meters or vice versa). Thus, I'm thinking the cells and civil cells would be okay-as-is.
Is there anything else that would need to be revised in a units conversion of an ORD workspace?

Thanks for any input!