ORD 2020 Rel.3: Terrain: Analyze Elevation - how to add point names

When using the Analyze Elevation I'm able to create a report which lists the elevation differences between a terrain and single points. This works well but I miss an option to add point names in both my dgn file and in the report ...there is a point name column in the report. Workflow: OpenRoads Modeling -> Terrain -> Analysis -> Analyze Elevation

I can't find any documentation on this function and I can't figure out if it's possible to add names to the points.
The function apperently only accepts point and cells so the point name possible should add'ed as an Item or...?

Any ideas are welcome :-)

Regards Anders

PS: Basically it suits me well that I don't have to create a new terrain and import the points into and then create a delta terrain or something like that.