OpenRoads Benching Template

I am trying to use OpenRoads to add benching to my roadway model.  The goal is to have the model display the benching and also be able to use it for earthwork volumes.  The image below is what I am trying to create.

  • Hi Ty,

    The 'Rock, Class R-4' must be defined as a closed component. You can use an end condition to tie to the existing ground, then point control the 'Rock, Class R-4' component to the points on the right side. Without knowing what bench constraints are on the left side of the 'Rock, Class R-4' component it is impossible to say what to do. Are the bench elevations fixed or defined? Assuming the bench elevations are not fixed you probably are going to need to take advantage of both Horizontal Max/Min and Vertical Max/Min constraints in conjunction with Null points serving as control points. If the bench elevations are fixed this becomes a much easier problem; no need for Vertical Max/Min constraints. Not sure this helps much, but it is best I can do with information provided. 


  • This is helpful information.  The benching will not have set elevations, but this is the typical benching detail for the project.  I am not sure if this will help.

  • Thanks for the additional sketch, that clears some things up and raises more questions. The sketches contradict each other at the top and bottom of the Rock, so that must be resolved. Where does the Rock begin at the top? Is the 5’ deep Toe Bench required?

    Is the 1’ clearance between initial existing ground and benched existing ground checked at every bench?

    Are the benches the same height or do they vary?

    Is there a minimum bench height?

    What’s the bench slope?

    Are you using vertical cuts on benches?

    How do you transition form a section with two benches to three benches?

    Ask your geotechnical person to detail what they require, and you may get answers to most of the questions above. The easiest solution (maybe not the best) is to start at the top, find the 1’cut on the existing ground, drop down 4’, find the 1’ cut on the existing ground, drop down 4’, find the 1’ cut on the existing ground and repeat until you reach your bottom condition. This will make transitions from 2 bench sections to 3 bench sections (or whatever the number of benches) somewhat seamless.

  • thanks.  Starting at the top, what would I need to do to get a point to seek 1' below existing ground?

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