[ORD 2020 R3] Organization vs Organization Civil CFG priority?

This may need to go into the Product Administration forum, but since it involves "Civil" I thought I might start here.

We have a select number of clients who have their own ORD standards and configurations. Most of them do acknowledge that those standards are written for their internal systems and that adjustment will be needed for the configuration to work on any other network. The biggest difference will be where project folders and drawings are stored. The other would be for user preferences, which I would prefer to keep in one centralized location as much as possible.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the ORD configuration (and I get to work on it just often enough to almost forget everything).
I THINK that any Organization cfgs load before any Organization-Civil cfgs, so anything I try to define at the organization level would be overridden by the civil client standards. I could lock it there, I suppose...

How are you handling configurations to minimize editing of client configs yet redirect to office resources as needed?

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