ORD Survey imports sporadically not displaying symbol, decorators or auto-locators on import.

I am importing a .CSV into my drawing and about 50% of the time, no points will display in my drawing. I can look in the field book and see the points are their with all of the correct information but nothing is displaying in my drawing.  I have repeated the process multiple times and i appears to only happen about 50% of the time. Also when i used the NEW POINT tool, the point will be created in my field book, and if i select the point it will center over the correct area but no symbol or decoration will display. This seems to be an error in Openroads. I am working in ORD Release 2 and cannot upgrade to release 3 due to project restrictions and the incompatibility between the two. Is anyone else experiencing problems with survey data imports?

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  • Sean, are you using the CDOT workspace? If so I found the solution was after import, go to your field book, all point features, right click and select details. Select the field code column and use the replace option to remove all connecting codes from your points and linear features.

    And if this doesn't work and cells are still not displaying, I opened the element templates and found the code that was not displaying and determined which cell is was using and opened the CDOT_Survey-Levels_Features_Annotations_Element Temp.dgnlib and made a new cell with the same name and same linework and deleted the cell that was giving me issues. I hope this helps, its been a long time since i had this issue. I guess it has just been working for me now.