In ORD release 2 After some unknown event, changing field codes in the Field book Survey details causes the point symbol to disappear.

I have survey data in a field book and occasionally field codes need to be changed to correct mistakes. In this scenario I have a field code for a Sanitary manhole where it should actually be a storm manhole. Up to this point i have been able to update the field code in the survey details and the symbol in my drawing would change. However, after some unknown event or after some unknown length of time this no longer works and if i change the field code my point will disappear from my drawing. The point will still be there but it will not display a symbol or show decorations. The feature definitions are fine, the question is, does anyone know what kind of event might trigger this kind of error. This is not the first time this has happened, in fact it happens to all of my files at some point, and at that point there is no solution i have been able to find. At first i thought maybe it was a result of corruption following a crash but this file has not crashed yet. I was also suspicious that it was working fine until i activated a custom geographic coordinate system but i was unable to replicate the issue. The issue only seems to happen with some Field Codes and using other field codes the symbol shows up fine. Any ideas or suggestions?  If i try to change the symbol in the properties using the template ORD crashes every time.

EDIT: I created a new cell in the cell library that looks identical to the one i need. I updated the template to point to the new cell and it worked. but IDK why! 

EDIT #2: 2023-12-27 I found that if i deactivate survey processing rules, i can edit point data and codes all i want and none of the points disappear or switch to NULLSHARE active cell. 

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  • Yep, that is the same issue.  When I searched the communities Alexander's post came up first so I replied.

    A little more detail on my issue, the cell that represents the survey shot on a linear element is the one that disappears.  It is a point cell that has a weight of 7, non-annotative, and when it disappears all I do is replace the cell in the point element template with a different cell but same properties.  The only thing that is different is the name of the cell.