[ORD R9] Survey Cells Missing - Defined as NULLSHARE

I have processed a number of Surveys and never encountered this issue. A number of my survey features are not displaying the cell graphics. I isolated one of the offending features and did a select all and in the properties dialog box, they list the cell name as NULLSHARE.

I tried placing the cell used by the element template but if placed as a shared cell, its not annotative. After executing a redraw of the survey, the feature cells display, but are also not annotative.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • I'm going to add some screen captures to this thread along with a few details.

    • I now have 2 tickets with Bentley on this issue. The first ticket was a flop as we couldn't replicate the issue. In order to keep working I started over in a fresh dgn and rebuilt the survey. Bentley could not replicate the issue on their end with my dgn so the ticket was closed with no resolution. 
    • Both times I have used the sqlite survey workflow to import and export survey data into and out of the dgn.
    • I reinstalled my FDOT state kit workspace. No difference.
    • I'm unable to migrate the survey into 10.10 as the client isnt accepting the version.

    Here is a screen capture showing a feature code that displays as it should:

    Then I edit the feature code to what it should be:

    Found this in the right click menu. No change to the display issue.

    Version info below:

    In the dgn there are 3 feature codes displaying correctly. 

    The rest will not display and can not be selected using the power selector tool. I can only see them through the survey details tool.

    I'lll add to the post as I see other correlations.

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  • I have come to the conclusion this might be a bug in 10.9

    Here's why....

    • Opened my 10.9 version survey dgn (this is the file with the display issues) in 10.10 ORD this upgrades the dgn file.
    • The upgraded file doesn’t immediately get fixed doing the upgrade step by itself.
    • Hit redraw while in 10.10
    • Problem fixed. The non-displaying point features are now correctly displayed.
    • Downgraded the civil model to version 10.9
    • Open survey dgn in 10.9 FDOT workspace.
    • The points are displaying correctly. The “fix” appears to be durable enough to last through a redraw command in ORD 10.9

    That being said I will continue my survey work in ORD 10.10. Bentley did recommend upgrading to version 10.10 during the first ticket communication. I couldn't update at that time because of client requirements. FDOT has since updated their workspace to comply with ORD 10.10.

    Hope this can help someone struggling with the same or similar issue.

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  • I am having the same issue.  The points that are associated with linear features have disappeared.  At first, the points of a specific linear feature disappeared while editing that line.  Then all points disappeared when I performed a redraw.  Points that are not associated with linear features are still visible, such as ground shots.  Quite frustrating.

  • Bentley informed me this is a known issue. They didn't inform me of any workaround or even what is causing the issue. For now my workaround consists of having a fellow employee redraw the survey file. This works for period of time or until I edit a feature code as described above. 

    Bentley suggested I upgrade to 10.10 however the problem is worse in 10.10. 

    What version of ORD are you using? 

    Are you using a custom workspace?

    Do you have a work around?

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  • I am experiencing the same issue in V10.10.  Whenever I update/change a survey code the point disappears and is only visible in the Survey Details dialog.  Very frustrating.  I checked my element templates, feature definitions, and feature symbologies and they all look good.   In addition, the code(s) that I am attempting to change to all processed fine for other points of the same code.  

    After editing the point, the properties look correct as far as the Element Template & Feature Definition... it appears that only the "Cell Name" (NULLSHARE) and "Is Annotation" (False) is different.  The cell type shows it as a Shared Cell.  Graphically I lose everything for the point including the Decorators.  

    Sounds like there are already tickets in for this?  



    Edit:  The issue is also happens when I add/edit the point description, add/edit the point attribute(s), add/edit VBA macro, or simply trying to rotate the point.  Seems any interaction triggers it and the point vanishes.