ORD/ORLD Update 10: _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION is being ignored


I have just installed OpenRoads and OpenRail Designer Update 10 but now I can't use our custom WorkSpaces :-(  ...is there anyone who can confirm this bad behavior?

Apperently custom configuration is being totally ignored in OLD/ORLD Update 10 unless they are saved in the installation folder (C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenR...).
It should be possible to create custom WorkSpaces (and WorkSets and Organization level) by defining the path to this, using the configuration variable: _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION = "my Path", in the ConfigurationSetup.cfg file.
This works fine in ORD/ORLD Update 9 and MicroStation CE Update 16.
Because of this we can't use our custom WorkSpaces etc. :-( ...a poor workaround is to copy all the WorkSpaces and Organization folders to the installed configuration folder (then it works)!

Just to make sure it isn't our normal setup which is responsible I have made a default installation at a clean pc and (without any custom configuration). When ORD has loaded the WorkPage it only see the WorkSpaces in the installation folder. But after a dgn file is opened (and ORD is fully loaded) we can see that _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION is defined correctly!

Unless there's something I miss this is a major bug and Bentley have to fix this as soon as possible ...PLEASE!

...and why is there any differencies between MicroStation Update 16 and ORD/ORLD Update 10 when they should both use PowerPlatform 16?

I've also file SR 7001272613

Best regards


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