Mobile Workstation / Laptop Specs

Hi All,

I'm looking to get a new mobile workstation and wondering what everyone thinks of the specs below.

I mainly use OpenRoads and use fairly large point cloud data along with a bit of LumenRT work. 

Any advice or tips on the best specs to get would be greatly appreciated. 

Dell Mobile Precision Workstation 7560

CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11950H (8 Core, 24MB Cache, 2.60GHz to 5.00GHz, 45W, vPro)

RAM: 64 GB, 2 x 32 GB, DDR4, 3200MHz, Non-ECC, SODIMM

Graphic Card: NVIDIA RTX A2000 w/4 GB GDDR6

Hard Drive: M.2 2280 1TB, Gen 3 PCIe x4 NVMe, SSD



  • Hi Cam

    I've struggled to get an official spec from Bentley but, from experience working with different specs, I can comment the following:

    - Most of the processes in ORD are single thread processes, so having 8-12 core CPUs doesn't improve performance as only one core gets used at a time (hopefully this will change in future). The 5GHz maximum clock speed you have is what's more important to look for. I don't think the i9 is any better than an i7 for ORD and LumenRT. I've tried both and can't see a difference.

    - RAM is perfect, especially for working with point clouds and LumenRT. 32GB should be the lowest you can think of going.

    - For the graphics card, I really wish we could get a solid answer from Bentley. I've found that the most cost-effective (by FAR) is to rather go for a commercial gaming card like an RTX 2060 or better, rather than a "workstation" Quadro card. In a LumenRT SIG I attended a while back, the speaker said the only reason he would recommend a workstation card is because they allow for 12GB+ of graphics memory. Otherwise, a high performance, lower cost gaming card has given me better results in terms of speed in working with large models. I would recommend going for at least 6GB of memory if you plan on keeping this spec for longer than 2 years though.

    - SSD is great.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Warren,

    Thanks so much for your reply...some fantastic information there!

    Very interesting with the graphics card,  I will take that on board.