Civil Item Type Priority.json Syntax

In the Civil Item Type Priority.json file provided in the workspace, we have examples of the override set to none, first, and last. Is there an option to never pass the item type, and if so, what is the syntax?

Specifically, we are looking to mimic the previous release for certain tools, like the Single Offset Entire/Partial and Taper tools, where the item type does not come through from the reference element to the new element. Any of the three options provided will pass the item type through to the new element. This would be helpful for things like alignments, curbs, and lane lines, where we are offsetting different features that would usually have different item types.

  • The default behavior of the software is to preserve as much item type data as possible while also managing any conflicts. When a conflict occurs the default behavior is to preserve the item type on first element selected and move it to the new element. The default behavior can be overridden using the optional JSON file if this is not the behavior you desire. Each command can be overridden individually in the JSON file so each can have a different behavior to fit your workflow. If the JSON file is missing, or does not contain a definition for a command, the default behavior is used. The priorityOverride options in the JSON file are:

    • First - the item type from the first element selected is preserved.
    • Last - the item type from the last element selected is preserved.
    • None - no item types are preserved.

    So for your example to not preserve item types when using the Single Offset Entire element tool you would include the following in the JSON file.

    "commandOverride": {
    "commandName": "Single Offset Entire Element",
    "priorityOverride": "none"

    Note: The JSON file delivered in the example workspace does set the item type override to None for the offset tools.

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  • Thank you for the explanation. Turns out, we had a configuration issue where it wasn't loading the JSON file and were seeing the default action take place. That is what made me think "none" meant to not override for the default action.

    Follow up question, is this JSON file limited to the Civil Tools in the example? Or can we add tools like Copy Parallel or other MicroStation tools that copy elements? We are trying to stick to Civil Elements, but I still have users that tend to gravitate toward the MicroStation tools and this would help them. 

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  • Currently the item types conflict resolution engine and related JSON file are specific to the civil tools. Extending this type of functionality to MicroStation tools is being considered for a future version.

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