Driveway Flare properties

brand new user, and cannot get radius/flare on driveway to show up as an option to change...hover like in the training video, but no "X" ever pops up in order to give option. Select the driveway, click properties, but nothing about entrance or exit flares. What obvious thing am I doing wrong or missing? I hate even asking this, as I am sure it is a no brainer answer.

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  • Hey Marcus...thanks for taking the time.

    See attached grabs for all the relevant information I can provide:

    This is a grab of my screen from the same area and point in the training grab below.

    They have an "X" pop up when hovering that brings the properties option to adjust the Radius of driveway connection. I do not have a clue what I am doing to NOT have that pop up. Obviously their screen is slightly different, so I am sure that the version has updated since their video. Maybe another way to do it now. I am only a couple days into even knowing about this software, so i am sure it is probably a simple answer.