Creating complicated corridor template.


I've recently found out that there's a high chance that I will have to design a specific corridor cross section like shown in the picture. I was curious if it's even possible to create a dynamic crossection like this which follows dynamic fill height and uses different materials for the stripes at specific heights. Basically this is an embankment before a bridge. The stone layer under and the ditches are static as in they always stay at the bottom but the height of the sand layer in between and length of the gravel patches change based on the height of the embankment. If anyone is interested in some more information let me know.

  • Hi Reinis, IMO I think this is possible with Display Rules and End Conditions Target height restrictions. It will be very complicated and you'll need to design each different cross section (1 for each sand/gravel layer) and use Parametric Constraints to control varying heights longitudinally.



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