Why is Measure Length giving me an inaccurate length?

ORD 2020 R3


I'm running into an issue where my "Measure Length" tool is giving me an incorrect value. I am trying to measure a length of conduit, but it is giving me a length double of what the actual length is. I had it defined as an offset partial off the back of a sidewalk. Has anyone ever run into this before? It's an issue if I can't trust the measure tools.



  • Has anyone found a reason for this occurrence (or how to make it stop)?? This persists in and has caused some issues with our production staff, especially with drainage pipes that are 3D modeled. My theory is that it is caused when an element has a 3D representation for its profile (a construction element) and the tool is calculating both. But who knows?? 

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  • Doesn't seem to be clear why this core MS tool treats drainage conduit differently.  All I can suggest is to have them utilize a Civil Label (text fav) named something like "Conduit Run Length" or "Pipe Measure Length" and train users to use that (ProTIP: or add a GUI button).  I know, not ideal as it bulks up the file (drainage files already bloat quickly-right!), however those checks can be done in a separate review file.

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