[OR 10.10 2021 R1] Request CAD Manager services: Developing an Item types sheet /feature templates/ Sheet seeds and annotations.


Organization I work for is looking for someone who'd be interested to develop suit of templates for Openroads Designer for a price. What would be the right way to go about it since locally we haven't been able to find any contacts who are experienced enough to clear cut approach the task with certain schedule and price. It's for designing Rail Baltic a major project in the Europe and we're one of few organizations approaching the task with OpenRoads but due the same reason the local support is being stretched thin so we're inclined to establish a connection internationally to tackle the issue. 

As for the main tasks at the moment:
It would include creating an asset manager/item type excel macro that displays values based on 3D model meshes volumes and descriptions. (Start end coordinates, volumes widths, heights, lengths for meshes and etc.) Since most of these values have to be extrapolated from the mesh that later gets exported to IFC it should be somewhat automated. Here's a extract from excel to get an idea what are the properties that are required

If there any additional information is needed, be free to contact me.

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