Corridors Crashing at 50% and 90% progress


We are using ORD 2021 R1. For this project we imported ALG created with Bentley Rail Track to DGN and created corridors on these centerlines.

Corridors are not really long, up to 1000m. At some points corridors start to crash on processing. Sometimes the progress bar indicates 50% sometimes 90%.

It usually happens when we are adding templated drop between other template drops, adding point control or using parametric constraints to trigger component display rules.

I am not able to narrow the problem any more. Looks it happens on some sections of centerlines (imported form the BRT), Tried not to use snaps, entering stations for parametric constraint and point controles manually. No success.

Deleted user preferences, opened models without workspace, using different machines, user profiles. I wonder if this may be caused by ITL file? As corridors in different DGN files are affected. ITL and DGN with geometric layout are the only common denominators for corrupted corridors. Well, another thing is that project is hosted on ProjectWise.

Several SR logged to the Bentley Support. The only response is that there are other SR on similar problems. Strange thing is that on other projects we could work with no such problems.

have you had similar problems and managed to heal this?