ORD 2021 R1 Trimming linear features reduces number of vertexes


I have a headache with editing 3D linear features created with Corridor Tools. Basically I need to take few lines, trim them against other elements, lets say final tuning before creating terrain models of detailed elements.

The problem is that whenever I extend, trim or edit such linear feature, the number of vertexes is reduced - looks software will remove all redundant (eg. colinear) vertexes. Then when I create terrain model out of these linear features I get acute triangles.

Is there a way to keep vertexes created with corridor tool while editing linear features?

For now I use a number of workarounds to have vertexes back: facet tools, importing to DTM as braklines with vertexes densification, etc. But all these workarounds will result with vertexes in different places than originally created with Corridor tools. In SS4, the number of vertexes was not changed when linear features were edited. I understand it is model optimization but in my case it is huge issue.

Will appreciate any tips. Thank you!