Annotate Corridors in a profile


Question - Can I annotate corridor levels in a profile?

I'm trying to display my proposed corridor levels in a single 200m long profile which runs through an existing terrain and a simple corridor. I can create the profile and show the existing ground levels in the horizontal data boxes underneath the profile but don't know how to show the levels of the proposed corridor. Is this even possible? I'm using ORD 2020 R2. I've searched the Bentley forums, You Tube and the Bentley Learn Server but nothing has appeared under any search, any knowledge or information on this subject would be greatly received.

Thanks, Alan

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  • Thanks Paul, that's the kind of thing I'm looking for, although in your good example you're cutting a profile along a centre line and projecting the wall top and bottom on to the profile. I get that bit thanks. So how does it work if the elements you wish to show on the profile run at right angles to the profile instead of parallel to it. Would it just show a dot where the feature is cut by the profile, ie top of slope and bottom of slope. I think I need to try to figure it out using your video as a guide, unless you can do another video showing me how to do it. In my mind, I basically need something that has all the benefits of a cross section but has the zero chainage starting at the beginning of the profile. Thanks again, this video has given me somewhere to start.