Placing cell using latitude and longitude coordinates?

Good morning!

I'm new to ORD so forgive me if this is an easy question.  I have received borehole data in latitude and longitude coordinates that I would like to convert to a station location so that I can set up the CSV files and ultimately show these borehole locations on the plan sheets. The ways I've tried so far with no success:

1. Utilities->Geographic menu->Define Placemark Monument-> Lat long values.  I can enter the lat/long values and a "pin" does appear, but it doesn't place said pin at the location I've entered. 

2. Google earth-> drop pin at lat/long value-> export pin as a KMZ or KML file .Utilities->Geographic menu->Define Placemark Monument-> Google Earth Placemark File-> add KMZ or KML (neither ever attach)  

3. Google earth-> drop pin at lat/long value-> export pin as a KMZ or KML file. Reference KMZ or KML file (neither ever attach).  

I feel like this has a really easy answer that I'm just not aware of.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • When you set up many of the common Geographic Coordinate systems in the US, it will automatically set up an Auxiliary Coordinate system in long,lat. You can then use the AX= key-in to enter coordinates in the Auxiliary system (long,lat)

    You can use the place cell tool, smartline tool, etc. to place points using the AX= key-in.

    If you have a lot of points to enter, and you have them in a text file, you can format the key-in's in a text file and run it as a script.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst