ORD 2021 R1 Export Cross Sections to DWG


I know that topic has been discussed here for many times now. But I am still struggling with exportin XS to DWG.

Basically my references ind drawing models have Visible Edges set to Dynamic ( shall I have cached? if yes, how can I change it for multiple drawing models, any variable? also I need to be able to update XS when adding new references to the 3D model)

During the save to dwg /export I have toggled on Merge Visible Edges, all other References are set to Merge. Convert references is toggled on.

And what I get is the sheet model with annotations and nothing else (no components, not terrain, etc).

Could you please share our workflow?

My only requirements is to be able to update XS whenever new reference is added to the "Master Model".

Thanks in advance for your assistance