Survey Point Annotation w/ Station/Offset

I'm looking for an annotation method that I believe exists within ORD, but I can't quite place my finger on the efficient method of achieving it. My ultimate goal is to have survey points to be annotated in the format of Partial Sta., Offset, Feature Name, Description (for example "+58.2, -24.2', Rebar Set, 3/8" Rebar in Asphalt"). I'm comfortable with having points be labelled with all that information aside from the Sta/Off. I am not sure how that information can be pulled based off a specified alignment and then labelled. 

What would be REALLY nice is if these can somehow be displayed at their correct station along the alignment, but at a specified offset so that it would more or less follow the top/bottom of the sheet. An example of the end product is shown in the attached PDF. I added purple lines to show the correlation between the survey point symbol and the accompanying annotation.

When in V8i, we accomplished this with a 3PC, which worked, but wasn't necessarily elegant. I'm hoping there is a way to harness the available information in the civil features to accomplish this.

Thanks for any guidance/suggestions offered!



  • I'll be watching this.

    Those topo notes have been a headache since forever, and I don't know that I've ever seen an elegant solution. I do one gentleman who had written a pretty slick MDL, but even that had some issues (and of course, it was proprietary).

    Have you been over to the INDOT discussion board to ask if they have any suggestions? Their standards are still "Beta" but they may have some ideas how to achieve this from the survey features.


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