Driveway Design Workflow

It seems, from the training videos I've seen, that the proper workflow for designing driveways (non-corridor) is as follows:

  • Create horizontal and vertical for driveway CL/BL
  • Create geometry offsets for driveway edges of pavement.
  • Create arc's between elements for driveway returns.
  • Apply variable slope vertical to offset element from CL
  • Use quick profile transition for returns
  • Highlight these features and use them to create a terrain
  • Apply surface template to terrain
  • Apply linear template to driveway EOP

I understand all that, but when trying to then combine the terrain for the pavement and the linear templates (using the add feature tool), ORD applies the surface template to the end conditions as well. What am I missing here? Is there a more efficient/direct way to model the driveways and the warping?