How to name printed PDF sheets?

While I know you can add bookmarks on PDF's with the pltcfg, I am not aware of a way to actually name individual sheets on PDFs. This is a separate thing from bookmarks. See image.

I know it is possible with Autodesk products in Sheet Set Manager, but again, I have not seen an option in Print Organizer


  • Not sure if this is the best method but it is the way we got it done on our last project.

    For sheets listed in Print Organizer but not in the Sheet Index:

    Select all sheets & go to Edit> Rename by Expression & choose

    <sequence><print set name> OK

    This will make it easy for you recognize sheets by name & MUST be done before printing to pdf. 

    If you notice a sheet is out of order, select it & use the arrow buttons to move it up or down in the pset.  Repeat the Rename by Expression process before printing.

    With all the sheets selected, R-Click> Print


    With files already in the Sheet Index, Rename by Expression doesn’t work. 

    To rename files for printing to pdf, select all files that need to be named, R-Click, & choose Print

    In the print box, set the method to Separate Print Files & click the Output File Names button

    In the Output File Names dialog, choose the option <sequence><print set name>, then choose the Custom option

    The data string from the original selection should still be listed in the box. 

    System.String.Format ("{0:D3}", PrintDefinition.Sequence) & "-" & PrintSet.Name

    Cut & paste the text so that it reads as

    PrintSet.Name & "-" & System.String.Format ("{0:D3}", PrintDefinition.Sequence)

    Go to Preview Names to make sure it is giving you the correct information.

    If you need to change the number of the prints, add +# after Sequence & before )


    PDF names in Output start at 78910-001 but you need them to start at 78910-024, the string would read

    PrintSet.Name & "-" & System.String.Format ("{0:D3}", PrintDefinition.Sequence+23)

    Hope this helps Slight smile


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