How to adjust the bar line that connects to the leader line according to the text length for Openroads labeling?


I am trying to find a way to adjust the bar line that is connected to the leader line when I am placing a label so the bar line adjusts automatically when the text is shorter or longer than the bar line. I have made my own cell. The problem is that I have to make a new cell for each new type of text I need to place. For example here:

I made a cell for "begin construction" and if for example, I want to say " Begin PedestrianLongitudinal Channelizing Devices", I have to make a new cell as the text length is longer and the bar line which leads to the leader line does not work. Thus, I have to make a ton of cells which does not look efficient. Does anybody know how to adjust that bar line with the text? If not, is there any other efficient way? I appreciate it in advance.