Create 3D Cut Graphics in Sheet

I am still working on the transition from V8i to ORD and one of the things that I miss is the ability to create a cross section by using a linestring like I did in V8i. I would like to create a cross section or profile that shows the existing ground and any 3D elements along that path (proposed corridor or utilities for instance), but I want these to be able to be seen in a sheet with a grid on it. My firs thought was to use the Drawing Boundary to create the section, but it doesn't handle linestrings. Then I saw the Create 3D Cut tool within the profile tools, which works for displaying the elements, but not sure how to get those to show in a sheet with the grid. In my initials trial, it doesn't look like these elements display when using the Drawing Boundary (like showing a Plan and Profile for instance). 

Is it possible to get these graphics into a sheet? Should I be looking at a different tool for this purpose?



ORD 2021 R 1

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