What viewer(s) are available for Open Roads and Open Site?

The organization is one year (three months attempting to transition to ORD from Power Survey SS2, four months using ORD for production and using PennDOT WorkSpace/WorkSet) into using Open Roads (We have Open Site, but it has not been used as of this writing). We are now at a place where production drawings need to be reviewed. The reviewer does not have ORD, nor do they need it as they are not production people. They have access to PS SS2, but that, of course, can't read an ORD file.

This is a more direct question and one I expect someone from the Bentley organization to chime in on: What viewer(s) are available that can view an ORD or OSD file?

It would be nice if it had some markup capabilities, but I'll settle for just being able to view the file and have the viewer see exactly what I see.

I had some responses to my other post suggesting such things as itwin. While I thank you for your suggestions, what I was able to glean from the Bentley site didn't seem to be quite what I was looking for.


  • Bentley View would be my first go to.

    For Review of Civil Data in the model, assuming your have access try iTwin ad-hoc Design Review. review.itwin.bentley.com

    I believe in ORD 10.10 you can upload your model directly to this service. Reviewer only needs a web browser then



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