ProjectWise Managed Workspace for OpenRoads forces Copy Out of files in active folder

I have configured a Managed Workspace for OpenRoads Designer in ProjectWise, using the UK standard dataset, however when opening a file using the assigned Workspace it is forcing the Copy Out of all files in the same folder.

  • There are no references attached to the file being opened
  • MS_RFDIR variable has been "Undefined" in all CSBs
  • MS_RFDIR has been added to "Variables to be excluded from copy out" 
  • Link Set seed.dgn has been removed, but files still copy out

I can't see any other variables in ORD that define the active directory, so out of ideas of what to further exclude. 

Question is - how do we stop the force copy-out of these unrelated files?



  • Hi Becky,

    You may need to also add some variables like "_DGNDIR", etc. that include the current DGN folder to your "Variables to be excluded from copy out".

    If thats not it you can identify what variable it is by having a look in your datasource bms folder workspace subfolder for the latest generated cfg file and search through it for variables that include the DGN folder path.



    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R2 (10.10)  |  Microstation CE Update 16.3 |  ProjectWise CE 3.4