Profile Shift in Sheet

When working with our typical roadway plan and profile sheets, we sometime have a need to shift the ditch profiles down to be able to clearly show/label them. This is the case when the ditch profile grade is somewhat close in elevation to the proposed profile grade. In V8i, we would achieve this by adjusting the datum elevation of those profiles when we displayed the elements using the D&C Manager. How would one go about accomplishing a similar outcome when using ORD tools? The closest thing I can think of doing is creating a new named boundary specific to that profile, then reference that in by hand after the sheet is created. Once it is in the sheet, I can turn off the existing ground and proposed profile grades/annotation within that reference and then do the inverse for the original profile view. Cumbersome for sure, so I'm hoping there may be a more elegant method that I haven't thought of yet.


ORD CE 2021 R1