ORD Drainage Symbology - Existing bottom proposed top - different symbology

Question regarding symbology for drainage nodes.  Is it possible for a drainage node to have different symbology for the top and bottom?

The reason for the question is that a project may require using an existing bottom structure and just replacing the top as proposed.  The cross section would show the bottom as dashed and the top as solid.

The steps I have followed are:

  1. Create a new Feature Symbology.  Top Template uses an element template for a proposed inlet.  Bottom Template uses an element template for an existing box structure.
  2. Create a new Feature Definition.  Assign the new Feature Symbology to the Solid Feature Symbology entry under the Symbology section of the new Feature Definition.

The end result is that in the cross section the entire structure (top and bottom) are dashed or existing.  In the 3D model the entire structure is dashed as well.  If I switch the element templates, meaning if I use a proposed element template for the bottom and an existing element template for the top the entire structure shows solid in cross section view and in the 3D model.  It seems that whatever symbology is set for the bottom template rules.

Is there an option to allow separate symbologies for top and bottom?


Sean Keene

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